The Brief






Newsbeat is the BBC’s youth news proposition. Seeking to expand further into the online space, Newsbeat’s website & app launch was preceded by a considerable discovery phase. This phase involved a small & dedicated ring-fenced team given the freedom to explore the question: How might we create contemporary news service that appeals to and engages young people?

Jan 2014 – May 2014

Product Scoping & Design Research/ Workshop Facilitation

User Experience Designer


Design Sprints

Essential to the discovery phase was the use of design sprints that employ the 5 stages: discover, diverge, converge, prototype and test.

These sprints provided a framework to quickly experiment with design ideas using everything from paper prototypes to high-fidelity tappable phone prototypes. These prototypes were first derived by facilitating workshops internally that encouraged wide experimentation.

Design research involved facilitation of one-to-one lab testing sessions and more informal guerilla approaches.




Prototyping the editorial process

As an organisation that not only delivers content but also creates its own content, the Newsbeat discovery phase revealed the complexity behind content creation on such a large scale.

One specific design sprint involved ‘prototyping’ a new way of working for the Newsbeat journalists who typically worked towards the twice-daily programmes broadcast on BBC 1 & BBC 1 Xtra.

This editorial experiment had designers performing the role of the journalist’s publishing tool to simulate an online-first publishing environment. The day-long trial reiterated the need for updated internal tools to support the proposition.